Let´s make dumplings!

Mäetaguse manor hotel has a very conveniently located nice handicrafts workshop right across the yard, where you can engage in a number of exciting handicrafts activities – in addition to making dumplings, there is a ceramics workshop, glass-making classes, sewing, and blacksmithing and carpentry workshops.

Mäetaguse manor hotels most popular activity has become making dumplings. It´s up for you to decide the shape of dumplings you want to get, either with beef, potato, or mushroom stuffing.

Meat dumplings workshop: 18 €

– if there are 10 participants, and the workshop takes place in the handicrafts workshop across the yard.
– if there are up to 5 participants, the price per one person is 25 €, the price for each new person is 18 €, and the workshop takes place in the granary.

  • The price includes aprons, ingredients, and instructions.

In addition to the workshop, we recommend you to order small snacks.

If there is a reason for celebrating some important event during the workshop, you can also order champagne and a cake or a pretzel from us!