Exciting Music Quiz

The music quiz is a great form of entertainment both when you are sitting at a festive table and in between seminars (it is still team work, isn´t it?). A larger group of people divides itself into several teams and prepares for a serious type of musical brainstorming.

Music quiz: 150 €/ group

The musical quiz consists of 10 questions about music. There will be songs playing from some audio equipment, and the teams will have to guess the performer, the name of the song, and the year when the album was released. The musical quiz lasts for about one and a half hour, together with assessment and the announcement of the results (10 questions about music… a little shorter version of an ordinary musical quiz), plus the ride. As a rule, musical quizzes last for 1-1.5 hour, and the best teams get small souvenirs that will remind them of Ida-Virumaa.