Handmade beer workshop

The workshop “About beer in a homey manner” includes the following information and activities:

  1. General information about beer and beer classification: beer classification, different types of beer, serving beer, matching beer with food
  2. The principles of making beer Home-made and factory-made beer
  3. Peculiarities and techniques of making beer at home
  4. Demonstrative making beer from the concentrate (participants will be able to see how the beer-making process happens)
  5. Tasting and assessing different beer types made in Ida-Virumaa: the principles of assessment and a practical example The beers made by Purtse Brewery, Narva and Õlleateljee craft beer –  Nobilis Belgae).

Duration: 2-3 hours. In the course of this workshop, participants will get an overview of different types of beer; learn the principles of beer assessment and how to find their way around different types of beers offered at the Estonian market. Also there will be some practical examples of how to make beer at home in modern conditions.

  • In addition to that, the participants in beer-making workshop two-three weeks later will get the brew they have made during the workshop, i.e. up to 60 bottles.
  • If you wish, you will be able to attach a label with the logo of your company on the bottles for additional fee.

Price: for 10 people 390 €,

every next person is 15 €. Since during the workshop only one beer brew will be brewed, the number of participants does not affect the amount of beer that you will get later on. It will still be 60 bottles, regardless of the number of the people in the group, unless it has been agreed otherwise.

  • for up to 10 people:  390 €/ 39 € per person
  • for 20 people:  390 + (10 x 15) = 540 €/ 27 € per person
  • for 30 people: 390 + (20 x 15) = 690 €/ 23 € per person

Have a nice beer brewing!