Disc golf

Mäetaguse manor hotel brings the joy of disc-golf to its customers – the disc-golf square is located on the edge of the manor house park right near the hotel. Disc-golf is most often played by seminar participants.

This is a game, in which you have to throw a special frisbee with as few throws as possible into the disc golf basket. The principles of this game were developed in the 1970s in the USA. The winner is the player who goes through all of the lanes with the smallest number of throws!

Mäetaguse has a disc-golf park with 9 lanes. The lanes run through the historical manor house park!

Using lanes is FREE for everyone!

  • Discs can be rented at the reception of the hotel or the bathhouse!
  • Price:  1€ / disc (3 h)
  • This game is manageable for everyone!

Ask for more information by phone 333 1150 (hotel) or 333 1151 (SPA) NB! Discs are rented out on the basis of an identity document!