Body scrubs and masks

At Mäetaguse manor hotel, an ordinary visit to the sauna can be turned into an enjoyable sauna ritual and combine a pleasant sauna experience with skin exfoliation, nutrition, and moisturizing. To do that, our instructor will teach you in the private sauna how to make body scrubs and sauna masks from expedient means. The price for a group of five people is 150 €, the price for every new person is 15 €

We provide:

  • private sauna with a hot tub 2 h
  • 4 recipes –
    • for the eyes – exfoliant and mask
    • for the body – exfoliant and mask
  • ingredients for making masks and exfoliants
  • romantic 9-page “recipe book” for mixing some more complex recipes.

This workshop is held in the private sauna with a hot tub, and you will be able to try all of the beauty products you are going to make on your own skin immediately. This kind of workshop is perfectly suitable both for hen and stag parties, and also for sauna entertainment before some trainings or meetings.