Three body treatment rooms are located in the same wing with the private sauna. We are offering a range of classical massages as well as different Shindo techniques – breathing, stretching, and massages. The price list is below.


  • Classical massage (45 min) = 35 €
  • Partial classical massage for the back (20 min) = 20 €
  • Relaxing massage (60 min) = 35 €
  • Massage for foot soles (30 min) = 20 €
  • Head massage- head, face, neck (20 min) = 20 €
  • Warm paraffin for hands (20 min) = 16 €

Massage procedures are done by Aulis Pärnpuu


  • Stretching Shindo exercises for one (75 min) = 50 €
  • Stretching Shindo exercises for two (90 min) = 70 €
  • Shindo massage for hands and feet (30 min) = 25 €
  • Shindo hand massage (20 min) = 15 €
  • Shindo massage for feet (20 min) = 15 €

Shindo massages are done by Heldi.

Shindo is a set of healing body exercises that originate from Japan. It is based on the knowledge that is many thousands years old, but also on the most recent knowledge about human anatomy and physiology. Different states related to the lack of balance, such as stress, depression, muscle and emotional stress, disrupt the natural vitality of a human being.

Shindo approaches a human being a whole, in which every single organ and energy channel should fulfil a specific task. Shindo stretching can help to achieve balance of body and mind and free the body and mind from the accumulated physical and emotional stress.

With the help of stretching, meridians, or energy channels, are maintained in the opened state. The flow of liquids and energies in the body improves, in the result of which the body manages to remove toxins, which cause various diseases, much faster.

We wish you to be healthy!