Backroom 18+

A backroom at the back of the sauna at Mäetaguse manor house hotel is the quiet sauna space which is for adults:

The backroom accommodates four different saunas: sanarium, aroma, steam and sauna with tropical shower. There is also a hot tub with the diameter of 2.3 m and deck chairs.

Price list for the backroom = 3h

.                           Backroom          Backroom usage for hotel guests
Sun                            19 €                                  14 €
Fri – Sat                    22 €                                  17 €

The name “backroom” is connected with the fact that as a rule, not everyone was allowed to the backroom, but only family members. People were healing themselves there and relaxed after a hard day, no one was talking loud, and the privacy of other family members was respected.