Mansion’s white hall

The White Hall in the main building of Mäetaguse manor house complex is located on the 2nd floor, right next to the ballroom. The White Hall can accommodate 13 people in the round-table-style, and it is suitable for smaller meetings or even business lunches. Near the White Hall, there is the exhibition hall, where coffee breaks can be held. The windows in the White hHall open up to the backyard of the main building, and you can also enjoy its beauty from a spacious balcony.

We can rent the White Hall out for at least 5 hours:

  • the price for the White Hall only is 150 €, and every additional hour is 20 €
  • the total price for the White Hall and the exhibition hall is 290 €, every additional hour costs 35 €

It is also suitable for holding smaller festive occasions, anniversaries, and weddings. Up to 15 people can sit around the table.