A La Carte


Beef & Egg

Beef sirloin, egg, carrot, pickled cucumber, potato, green salad, cream souce ( G )

Goat cheese & Pomegranate

Caramelized goat cheese, fresh salad, pumkin seeds, pomegranate (G,L)

Chicken & lentils

Chicken fillet, lentils, bacon, apple, green salad, herbal oil (G,L)


Fish & Onion

Pike perch fillet, crispy onion, vegetables (G,L)

Rabbit & Carrots

Broth with rabbit meat and vegetables (G,L)

Solyanka & Meat

Meat, ham, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, sour cream

Main course

Duck & Plums

Baked duck breast, black plum wine sauce, pickled plums (G,L)

Pork & Mushrooms

Creamy pork tenderloin, mushrooms, onion (G)


Cream cheese & raspberry

Cream cheese, raspberries, biscuit

Meringue & Berries

Meringue cake, whipped cream, berry souce ( G )

Ice-cream & Strawberry

Vanilla ice-cream, meringue, strawberries, liqueur "Vana Tallinn" (G)

Salad with smoked ham

Smoked ham, tomato, cucumber, apple, green salad, sour cream souce (G)