A La Carte


Grilled cheese with local jam

grill cheese from local farm, cloudberry jam, yoghurt bread  

Crispy croquettes

BBQ slow cooked pulled pork, crispy panko, cream cheese, coriander dip, persley oil


Classical fish salad

smoked bream, egg, pickled pearl onions, smoked paprika chips, greens

Green salad with BBQ duck fillet, cream cheese and pickled apple

Pickled pearl onions, green salad mix, herbal oil, strawberries, sunflower seeds

Handmade dumplings

minced pork, ginger, corinader, soy sauce, garlic, sour cream, adžika sauce, spinach

Generous snack plate for two

pork croquettes, bbq duck slices, grilled cheese, yoghurt, chips, sour  cream sauce with adžika


Borscht with duck

beetroot soup, pulled duck confit, sour cream sauce

Rabbit & Carrots

Broth with rabbit meat and vegetables (G,L)

Spicy fish soup

salmon, pike perch, ginger, chilli, lemon, leek, broccoli, tomato

Main course

Pike perch cutlet

local pike perch fillet, rice with three onions, tartar sauce, fresh salad with fennel

Chicken schnitzel

cripsy panfried schnitzel, cream cheese, fried potatoes, green salad with hard cheese

Orange flavoured pork carbonade

pork carbonade, mushrooms, potatoes, green salad, creamy orange saucepork carbonade, mushrooms, potatoes, green salad, creamy orange sauce

Potato pancake

Crispy panroasted potato cake, creame cheese, green salad with fennel

Creamy chicken pasta

Chicken, spinach, sundried tomatoes, cheese


Homely creamy dessert

cream curd, strawberries, biscuit crumbs


meringue, cream cheese, whipped cream, berries

Cheesecake with berry salsa

baked cheesecake, bisquit base, berries, peppermint, balsamico

Homemade ice-cream with elderflower syrup

elderflower syrup, eggs, cream, milk, meringue, walnut praline

Lemon cream

Cream, lemon, blueberries