A La Carte


BBQ beef salad with marinated apple

Cream cheese, sesame seeds, geen salad, herbal oil

Goat cheese salad with beetroot and orange

Beetroot mousse with cream cheese, pomegranate, green salad, herbal oil

Salad with BBQ duck breast and pumpkin souce

Pearl onion, green salad with hint of peppermint, herbal oil


Fish & Onion

Pike perch fillet, crispy onion, vegetables (G,L)

Rabbit & Carrots

Broth with rabbit meat and vegetables (G,L)

Solyanka & Meat

Meat, ham, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, sour cream

Main course

Perch fillet with orzotto

Creamy broccoli sauce, green beans with butter

BBQ lamb shoulder with potato wedges

Broccoli souce and ovenbaked zuccini

Duck fillet with mashed potatoes

Glazed carrots, onion-cherry sauce

BBQ pork ribe eye with ovenbaked potatoes

Cherry mop sauce, glazed zucchini


Cream cheese cake with rasberries

Cream cheese, raspberries, biscuit

Meringue cake

Egg whites, sugar, whipped cream, berries

Homemade ice-cream with elderflower syrup

Egg whites, sugar, whipped cream, berries, walnuts

Lemon cream

Lemon, cream, egg