Mäetaguse manor hotel encourages you to select packages for the duration of your stay!
While thinking about you, we have compiled different packages and adapted them with time, based on the feedback received from our customers.

According to the feedback from our customers, it is the people who purchase packages that are the most satisfied with their stay, since every single package provides refreshment to body, soul, and senses. Besides, it is cheaper to buy a package than individual components.

Private sauna package

The most popular package at Mäetaguse manor house hotel is the romantic private sauna package, which has been created for those who want to enjoy the Finnish sauna and the…

Romantic package

The manor complex has become even more spacious and romantic throughout the years, it is really great to romance and make good memories here.

Long-stay package

The visitors to Mäetaguse manor house hotel have often noticed that a one-night stay hotel package seems too short. You have just arrived, and the next day you....

Time to each other

Time flies so fast, different things you have to do follow each other - children, trainings, schools, pets, relatives... Everyone around wants to get a part of you...