Double room for two



Standard double rooms in Mäetaguse manor house hotel with a wide bed are privately located in the 2nd floor at the end of one of the wings, away from the noise in the corridors. The rooms have skylights and standard equipment. The price of each room includes: swimming in the morning, breakfast, and unlimited use of the bathhouse.


  • Roof window
  • Additional quilt and pillows
  • Bathrobe
  • Fliselin spa-slippers
  • Shower
  • Phone
  • TV
  • WiFi


Additional pleasures

  • Fruit selection
  • House wine Riesling (semi-sweet)
  • Rose 1p.
  • Sparkling wine Asti Prosecco
  • Sparkling wine Marques de la Concordia
  • Handmade truffles