Mäetaguse Mõisa Hotel & SPA is located on the left of the honorable circle around the main building of the manor house, and it connects the former stable-carriage house, the mill, and the greenhouse between each other. The hotel provides the services that match 3* and offers accommodation to 48 guests. In one of the wings of the main building, there is an apartment-type manor house apartment, and another wing accommodates a two-storey suite.

Mäetaguse manor house hotel – the beloved one for the ones who live nearby, and feels like home to visitors!

Double room for two

Standard double rooms in Mäetaguse manor house hotel with a wide bed are privately located in the 2nd floor at the end of one of the wings, away from the noise in the corridors

Twin room for two

Mäetaguse manor house hotel has 11 twin standard rooms in total. All of them have skylights and are located on the 2nd floor. If you want, we can put beds together in those rooms for you

Double+ (plus) room

Four DBL+ (double plus) rooms in Mäetaguse manor hotel are located on the 1st floor, and each room has a large window. We added several amenities into the rooms, which can make your stay at our hotel even more enjoyable.

Family room for four

On the 2nd floor of the manor house hotel there is family room for four- which has a fridge, books for children and toys on a bookshelf, small bathrobes.

Allergy-free Twin room

On the 2nd floor of Mäetaguse manor house hotel there are 2 non-allergenic rooms, where in spring 2017 we laid genuine parquet, and instead of usual pillows, non-allergenic Sleep Angel pillows are used here.

Suite for two people

The suite with two rooms in Mäetaguse manor house hotel is located on the 1st floor. It overlooks a quite backyard and has a bathroom with a large corner bath.

Mansion Flat for two

Mäetaguse main building has a luxurious manor house flat, which is right next to the manor hotel. For additional fee, the room for two people is...